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We Create AsthmaTuner App to helps you take control of your asthma. With the help of the app, you get an objective assessment of your asthma and which treatment is best for you.

Optimize your treatment
Asthma is a variable disease with various triggering factors. The treatment must, therefore, be adjusted more often than it is possible to meet a doctor. Asthma Tuner provides an objective assessment of what treatment is required for you to feel best.

Get a quick assessment
By inflating the lung function meter, your lung function is recorded in the app. The lung function value is called FEV1 and is what a physician examines to assess lung function. Respond to four symptom issues and get an assessment of your asthma, whenever and wherever you want.

Follow your asthma over time
Your values are saved and you easily get an overview of how you measure over time.

Set reminders to never forget about taking your medication or testing your asthma status.

Follow your loved ones
You can create an account for your child or relative and follow his asthma, from your own phone.

Share your information
You can connect AsthmaTuner to your doctor who can make a better diagnosis with your data and adjust your treatment if necessary. AsthmaTuner enables care visits for asthma to be managed via telephone or video.

MediTuner AB
MediTuner aims to be a world leader in patient education and self-care systems for asthma. AsthmaTuner is a unique and patent-protected self-care system that connects patients to healthcare for better care.


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