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If you are looking for mobile app Development Company in Sweden, you are at the right place. Logickon, a leading company providing the best app development services all over the world. We do development, design and strategy for Android and iPhone apps. We work for brands and startups alike. We do not just develop apps, we always create the kind of apps that are latest and people are talking about and use over and over again. We care about your business and customers. At Logickon, it’s who we are.

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Android Apps: In simple words, an android app is a software application that runs on the Android platform. As Andriod platform is built for smartphone, an Android app is designed for a tablet PC and smartphone running on the Andriod OS. We provide Android app development services for all types of businesses.

iPhone Apps: In simple words, an IOS app is a software application that runs on the IOS platform. As IOS platform is built for iPhone, an IOS app is designed for a tablet PC and smartphone running on the IOS OS. We provide iPhone app development services for all types of businesses.


Normally, when people talk about mobile apps they are almost referring to apps that run on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. We are providing IOS and Android app development services in Sweden at affordable prices.

If you’re looking to pull mobile technology for your business, our best app developers are at your facility. We provide IOS and Android mobile application development services so you can grasp your customers on their favorite devices.

We have skills in both native and cross-platform skills; we always find the right stability among price, quality, and project requirements so we can offer the best solution for your specific condition.

We understand your tasks across business functions and identify your company values. Our goal is to bring your ideas to life which is why we offer full-spectrum mobile app development services combined with our deep sector experience that cover a wide array of industries with an international customer base, mostly in the USA and UK.

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Taxi Stockholm is not only Stockholms oldest taxi company but also the most reliable one. With us, a proper collective agreement is a definite given. Read More…


Arlanda Expres Use GPS tracking systems to see actual time tracking data from their devices to see and track the newest location and status of assets, packages, vehicles and at any time from wherever. Read More..


As a leading software & mobile app development agency, we continuously monitor the latest trends to anticipate future technological growth. Read More..

What Makes Us The Best Mobile App Development Company?

✔️Security Factor

✔️Cost Effective Development

✔️Rich Design and Features

✔️Time to the Market

✔️A Pool of Resource

✔️Support and Bug Fixing

✔️Highly Scalable App

✔️24/7 Customer Support

✔️Compatibility with all Apps 

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