Welcome to Logickon, we are here with digital solutions in Sweden. We are one of the best digital marketing companies in Sweden. We offer complete digital services and brand solutions at affordable prices. We are offering all types of digital services like Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), Pay per click (PPC), and Email Marketing.


Major Services Includes:

PPC (Pay Per Click)

We are offering affordable PPC services in Sweden. We help you to generate business leads and sales with low investment. We manage all types of PPC campaigns like Video, Text, and images, etc. However, our aim is to drive the maximum number of customers at minimum cost. Our entire team is professional and Google Adwords certified.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our goal is to rank your business in the first SERP of Search Engines. Once your website got ranked in first SERP, you will get more business than your competitors. We search for keywords and set goals, do a thorough competitor analysis, perform on-page SEO and create quality backlinks with the monthly and weekly report.


SMM (Social Media Marketing Services)

We provide Best Social Media Marketing Services across the world with our Expert team that can spread your business over the social media platform to get a great response in a short time with fewer expenses. For a company, it is mandatory to reach an audience so that they can get maximum end users and Social Media Marketing is the best choice that can give you impressive results. Your client is your success and to get your business in front of the public we are here to help you.


Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is an effective way of contacting people, engaging and developing the relationship with them and to convert your visitor into worthy client it is another addition into the reputation of your business. By using our Email Marketing Services you will able to automate your workflows to track your stats and will be able to send better emails that will leave a good impression at your client and you will get more business.



What we got to offer you?


  1. A powerhouse Team

A good digital marketing agency comprises highly capable persons that have great talent and expertise to move firmly towards progress. Our high profile agency will always exhibit its talented crew in the global village. The team will definitely well-disciplined and will deliver the best at their respective fields.


  1. Tools and the Expertise to Use Them

For an effective digital marketing strategy, our experts use the best tools to grow the firm in terms of progress. The team uses many premium tools that produce the best results and allow them to develop great plans for your company.


  1. Relevant Experience

Our team of digital marketing experts exhibit good communication skills and can address you according to your requirements and provide you with the best services possible. We work with clients and businesses of every niche with experience relevant to your job.


  1. A culture you can hang with

At Logickon our staff is always seen together enjoying extracurricular activities that make them stick together for a long time. It’s a key point for a company that pays in terms of goodwill for your business.


  1. Take Responsibility

Our team always takes responsibility of its action and avoids dodging and deceiving their clients because respect and trust of clients take ages to build so they make sure every time they may not let them down by any action. They focus on the goals and requirements of their clients and deliver them the best of their company skill.


  1. Love of Analytics

Our team is strongly engaged with analytics that is a symbol of clients trust and love for their company. The analytics tells about the current progress rate as well as brief information about their future plans. We always try to maintain the graph high that proves the consistency and positive results.


  1. Devoted to Research

We know very well that successful campaigns are necessary to bring the company up in terms of success. We believe that the campaign will always start and end successfully if it is based on depth research work. Any good company takes time to research about its competitors and targets their weakness. We at Logickon do the same and that helps us to lead in the market.