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Recent Projects.

Our company is providing service to our clients related to IT products. We make it easy for our clients to do business with us by providing top-notch services at a rapid pace and competitive pricing. The employees understand the value of loyal clients because they arrange a scheduled meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Our organization goes beyond being polite and focuses on delighting the customer. The company is serving our clients with care and confidence and solving their problems. We do not make any excuses for our clients and fulfill the needs of them. Our company employees are full of skills, ideas, and techniques to improve customer care services.


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About Us.

Logickon is a premier software and app development and digital marketing company, offering a wide range of IT solutions. We are passionate about creating an outstanding software solution that creates value for your business and leads to success. Our company has 100+ highly qualified and experienced IT professional who can deliver one of the best technology solutions and consulting services. Logickon has IT developer with at most 10 years of experience. Logickon IT professionals can deliver the best of technology solution and consulting services across diverse business needs. Logickon Company leads the industry in the creation and delivery of native application on all platforms.

Logickon is a trusted IT organization/company which is rapidly growing even from startups and leading enterprises. We help our clients as a consultant what things are better for their business and how to improve your business, improve customer experience. From startup to an enterprise, the apps we produce for our clients support their strategic initiatives first and foremost through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design and cross-platform development for both mobile and web. Logickon has launched at least 350+ projects and 90+ mobile apps. Our user link experienced is reached at an experienced level. We always care about building a long term and healthy business relationship with our client and give proper product within the timeline.

Our Services.

Our experienced team of search engine optimization, web development, digital marketing solutions, and app development is measured by dozens of successfully completed projects within the time period. Our team developers can work on different platforms of digital solutions, app development, web development including SEO of website like content writing, on/off-page optimization and app and web designing, etc. We have also extensive knowledge with developing complex web apps, websites both the backend and frontend projects, and result oriented digital marketing as well. We can provide you more business leads and new business opportunities through online marketing by SEO and digital marketing strategies. Our main aim is to turn your ideas into real-life example product across the global market.

Our expert team offers a complete range of web development, SEO services, Digital marketing strategies, app development including initial prototyping, design, Android / IOS development, content writing, back-linking, organic traffic, keywords, web infrastructure, mobile application services, and many more things.

We honestly love the work that we do and eager to share our expertise with you. We always do the work that satisfies our clients and challenges our skill set. While doing so, we provide the solution to our clients within the timeline of the project.


About Services.

Digital Solutions:

The digital solution is that by which using simply the power of computing to address a business need. We help our clients to think of what actual existing business process is and how to promote and what actions can be implemented for the growth of it.

Our team expert love to create custom applications and it addresses your specific business needs and it is created for your customers/ users by primarily focusing on market needs and competitor analysis. Within some point you can better understand what digital solution actually is:

Our digital analytics experts deliver automated, actionable insight on your digital solutions to help you measure and tune their effectiveness. Our team architects help you to design component architecture to enable the reusability, reliability and high performance of your digital solutions. Our team also works with all leading providers to advise you on the best of the many approaches to moving your digital solutions off premises. Our team is full of knowledge about the latest marketing analytics and content marketing strategies that are part of digital solutions which help to increase revenues. Our team provides strategies regarding the design and delivery of leading e-commerce platforms. Our team work for your organization to establish the policies and procedures, ways of working to gain insight and deliver value from social media interaction.

Web Development:

Web development is the coding and programming that enables website functionality on behalf of the owner’s requirements. It deals with the non-design aspect of building websites which consist of coding and writing mark-up.

Our team which is developing websites, they work from simple markup pages to complex applications, electronic business applications, and social network applications.

Our team offers a variety of website design and development services. We specialize in building custom e-commerce and intranet experience by using the latest and proven web technologies. With the increasing capabilities of browser and JavaScript engine in browsers, our team has been a strong movement towards it. Our team portfolio has top stars and they work on the appearance of the website, usability of website and accessibility of website which is more important than ever especially in an increasingly competitive market. Our team does quality work according to the requirements. Our experienced project managers utilize high-quality techniques and procedures to assure quality at all stages of web development.

App Development:

App development is the set of procedures and processes which consists of developing software for wireless computing devices like mobile phones, tablets or smart watches, etc. that has its roots in more traditional software development.

Our team is very passionate to discover more things in the shape of app development. They have the ability to work on ideal thoughts/idea that doesn’t exist in the world till yet. Given below is the detailed implantation about app development:

The first step is much difficult rather than the others; the first step in the planning phase of your app development. Our team determines the problems and designs the features and benefits of the app. Then they develop and design a clear picture of how to implement your ideas and feature in one product. Mobile apps are specifically written to take the advantages of the unique features in mobile devices. As well as our team is expert in designing the game in both dimensions like 2D and 3D. Our team is mostly working on Android and IOS development. They can also code into your smart watches which shows the temperature sensors.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization is a technique which is used to rank the website on first of the search result page (SERP). It gives the opportunities to rank your website with the same keyword by just using some techniques.

Our team is really confident to do SEO as an expert which is difficult some time to achieve some target. And they are working competitively to the paid advertiser SEO’s. Some qualities of our SEO experts are given below:

Our team is pro efficient in searching for keywords against your competitors. They can rank the keywords with the use of an easy method. Each member of our team is a professional content writer and whatever they write it is easy to optimize. They possess a strong interlinking on page optimization skill. Our team is able to get organic traffic with the help of optimized content. Our team has good communication skills for getting a guest post approved from various sources. They are able to do Private Blogging Networking (PBN) and gives backlink to their customers for the ease of ranking their business. They can do PDF submissions, web 2.0, directory submission, blog commenting, forum commenting, business listing and social bookmarking, etc. and many things more. They are able to do listing your business on an online business list like Yellow Pages (yelp), Google Business Listing, and Gumtree, etc.

Why US?

Year of Expertise:

We are in the information technology industry as a development company in Sweden for the past 5 years. Our company is ranking high with experience and qualitative work. We have been providing to our client a productive result. Our experience in the information technology industry shows our success which is competitive.

Globally Known:

The main purpose of our services is to serve quality work and satisfy our clients with the utmost expertise and leading generation as well. Our clients are succeeding with the help of us and our name is known in the market place. We are providing research and consultancy all over the world to discuss their issues and we will resolve them.

Productive Result:

Logickon is providing a 100% result on date and time in developing a brand reputation and lead generation. We take the new business to build and turn it into a well-established brand. Our company does a lot, create and produce a large number of productive projects and give impressive result to our client.